Dr. Michael Koplen, D.C.

Palmer Graduate, Gonstead/Diversified Specialist Providing Safe, Reliable, Quality Care.


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I have safely and effectively provided a half million adjustments and your care will accommodate your condition and situation.

Why I chose to become a Doctor of Chiropractic

There have been several medical doctors in my family.
I have a good understanding of the medical approach to treating sickness and disease. We are all fortunate to have the skills and technology that “modern medicine” has to offer us when necessary.

My neck hurt constantly during teenage years. The family doctors were not familiar with the benefits that Chiropractic offers. They would examine my neck but find no “medical pathologies”. They reported, “There’s nothing medically wrong with you, just take pain meds as needed.”

I sensed there had to be a better way to treat my condition besides taking pain meds and anti-inflammatory drugs, which don’t fix the cause of the problem and can cause long term harm.

I later received Chiropractic care thanks to a friend who referred me to his Chiropractor. Chiropractic corrected the cause of my pain and I could move my neck freely for the first time in years!

Soon after, my Father died from a spinal-neurological disorder, ALS, and his primary treating physician, Forbes Norris, M.D., encouraged me to learn Chiropractic. The world’s foremost ALS Center located in San Francisco is named in his honor.

Practice Philosophy and Approach

The primary focus of Chiropractic care is to detect and correct spinal vertebrae that have become stuck, causing nerve irritation and impingement (“pinched nerves”).

Nerves impingement can cause a variety of symptoms, including pain, numbness, muscle spasm, loss of normal movement, weakness, organ dysfunction, and fatigue.

Your nervous system not only alerts you of problems by causing pain or other symptoms, it also plays the most important health role – regulating and controlling the function of every bodily system – including your organs, glands, muscles and immune system!

To be pain free and experience optimum health and mobility, it’s important that your spine and nervous system function without irritation, pressure or interference.

Spinal problems, when left uncorrected, cause disc deterioration and degenerative arthritis, which cause further pain and immobility, especially as we age.

The time required to relieve your condition depends on several factors:

• Severity of Spinal Fixations
• Severity of Surrounding Soft Tissue Holding Pattern Development
• How Long the Problem has Persisted
• History of Injuries
• Stress Accumulations
• Age
• Overall Health Status
• Work or Other Activity Demands

Self Care Strategies Help Your Treatment Progress:

1) Exercise
Specific exercises will be prescribed to help speed your healing process. You are also encouraged to participate in broader exercise programs that help facilitate overall health improvements, such as strengthening, stretching and cardiovascular exercises.

2) Nutrition
Proper nutrition strongly affects spinal stabilization and general health.

3) Massage Therapy
Massage and related soft tissue therapies help to reduce muscle spasm, tension, and underlying soft tissue restrictions. Massage also helps reduce emotional distress such as depression and anxiety – it is quite beneficial in promoting overall relaxation and is recommended.

4) Proper Sleep
Proper sleeping patterns are essential for good health because they affect your spine and muscles.

5) Stress Management
Managing the various areas of stress in your life is essential for good health. The word “stress” has become a cultural buzz word and is viewed as one of our “modern sicknesses”. Stress negatively affects our bodies.