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What Patients are Saying

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I had pain in my neck for about a year [before seeing Dr. Koplen]. The results I’ve received from Dr. Koplen have been extremely effective! His treatments always worked and his kind, considerate, compassionate nature are comfortable to be around. I always feel well taken care of.
—Tom Pettengil

“I was suffering for about two months from lower back pain caused by exercise and not having my spinal column corrected. I was skeptical about chiropractic because I didn’t think it was necessary and believed that stretching would ease the pain. When I did receive chiropractic care, I was relieved from my lower back pain within the first treatment and was able to bend over and touch my feet again. I was able to trust chiropractic care and receive treatment that allows me to exercise my back without pain. Dr. Koplen is an extremely sensitive and enlightened being. I appreciated his professional and caring attitude. I have referred him to my friends and colleagues.
— Kim D.

My back was suddenly and severely thrown out about 8-9 years ago. My main treatment at the time was medication, cold presses and rest. I was out of work for about a week. I did see a chiropractor once or twice in that period.

My back has gone through cycles ranging from “good” to “tender-painful”. Over the past 2 years I noticed that “tender” became the norm and that I was limiting my range of motion as a regular part of daily life (especially getting up from chairs or out of bed in the morning.. but also bending, lifting, etc.)

I had an episode about 2 years ago in which I thought my back was going to go out again – the pain was increasing over the course of 2 days. I sought & received chiropractic care for 2 or 3 visits. I didn’t have insurance that would cover it at the time, and I couldn’t afford the cost to continue.

In the fall of 2007 I again thought that my back might be nearing an episode and I sought care with Dr. Koplen, who was referred to me by a friend.

I think that staying with the course of treatment – for 6 months now – has really made a huge difference in my well-being and my ability to function without pain. I still have twinges at times; but I no longer think about how I’m going to get out of bed. I hardly think about my back at all – which is remarkable. I’m still careful about what I put my body through, but I have a much wider range of pain-free motion and enjoy simple physical activities such as gardening and bicycling – which were sometimes problematic. I’m also guessing that I sleep better, more productively.

This decision to commit myself to healing my back has paid off in dividends. I’m very glad I decided to do it – esp. since I am aging (52). I want to work towards strengthening myself so that I can have as active and independent “old age” as possible. Thanks!

—Shelly D’Amour

Approximately a year ago I made an appointment with Adam White to see if acupuncture could help my left leg. It was atrophying badly and I was in pain when I walked because the leg was weak and the balls on the bottom of my foot were gone so I was walking on the bones. I was already doing physical therapy for the leg, which didn’t slow the atrophy, and physicians didn’t think a back operation was advisable. I even ordered a small portable electric chair for travel since it was painful to travel.


Adam tried different procedures to stimulate the nerve and he was able to be able to reverse the atrophy, but not stabilize it without frequent appointments. Adam and I decided to check with Michael to see if chiropractic might help to stabilize the leg. After reviewing xrays Michael saw that my back was calcifying and felt that he could loosen it up. So we started treatment with both procedures.

Currently, I am able to walk steady and with no pain for one, two, three miles and enjoy walking again. I need to walk with trekking poles for stability … but at seventy one I can move about quite well and enjoy traveling again without the use of wheel chairs in airports or on the streets. I am happy that Jack at the Vitamin Store suggested I use acupuncture and chiropractic. I want to than Adam and Michael for getting back my walking ability.

—Paul Halula

I began chiropractic care during my second pregnancy; continuing into third pregnancy 25-28 years ago … and I found relief for my lower back pain. Many things I have done in my life have aggravated my spine, from sacral sciatic nerve to neck. I have routinely used chiropractic to improve these areas. I began chiropractic with you, Dr. Michael, after a severe aggravation that any movement left me in pain. As a dancer and active person, I value the comfortable and flowing movement of my body very much. After taking xrays to evaluate the situation, you began treating me. Improvement began right away. I saw you two or three times a week for a while then tapered off as I improved. I then came in every few weeks for an adjustment for a couple of years. Now I come in when my body tells me it’s time …sometimes after several months. Soon I’ll be 60 … and my back is better than it has been for years! Thank you! Also, you are affordable .. very important as most of us have to pay out of pocket. The cost is not a big consideration, so I can come in whenever I need to. I encourage young people to keep their spines maintained. Don’t wait until you’re older and in pain!
—Salle Webber

My neck bothered me and my lower back (sciatica) for several years. I was skeptical that chiropractors would injure my neck. But I saw Dr Koplen and got results. I have been seeing him for nearly fifteen years. I go in whenever my neck or mid back go out. The results are enormous and my body is in alignment. At 48 years old, I literally have pain free weeks.
—Rhonda W.

I shattered C-6 when I was 22 years old, quadriplegic. Fortunately they installed a halo and I recovered very quickly. In my late thirties my right hand was tingling, this time because C-6 was jammed out of alignment. My first fear was that I could end up paralyzed again if I allowed a chiropractor to adjust it. I trusted Dr. Koplen to adjust it. I remember so well, the first time, it fixed me! When I waved my hand I could feel the wind between my fingers. Nowadays when I catch a BMX bicycle in the forehead or get thrown off a horse I just smile. Just go in to the chiropractor for regular tune ups – it keeps you aligned. ‘Flexibility, grasshopper.’ Alignment for flexibility will keep you on your feet for your next trip around the mountain.
—Michael Corcoran

Michael, I’m really pleased to be able to offer you a testimonial as you are the best chiropractor I have ever worked with, a smart insightful teacher, and I think of you as a good friend. I originally came to you on the advice of my friend Vanessa Lilly, who taught massage at Twin Lakes College of Massage, for long standing neck problems that had not cleared despite her best massage efforts, and yoga, stretching and meditation practice on my own part. i believe the condition came originally from a neck injury I suffered in gym class when I was in high school. My neck never felt right after that and I had been living with the condition for probably ten years.


I was afraid to see a chiropractor. It looked and sounded scary to me to have someone jerk my head and neck into place. But Vanessa raved about how gentle and sensitive you were – she said you had been a massage practitioner yourself at one time – and my neck felt so bad I eventually gave in.

I’m glad. Your firm but gentle manner helped me relax and feel confident. I can’t say I love chiropractic adjustments but I couldn’t deny the instant relief. Full correction took many weeks of adjustments to stabilize and then every other week sessions, and later monthly ones. Then it stabilized for good and I have only needed sporadic care ever since. Could it be that was 19-20 years ago? I come in whenever I need spinal care care adjustments, always feel thankful for the assistance, and recommend you to my clients and friends.

—Sheryl Karas, M.A.

Spiritual Counselor and Healer, www.healingcommunication.com

The pain while walking began in spring 2004. It got worse and by September, I could barely walk. My feet and sometimes hands went numb and no position was comfortable. I saw my regular doctor in October. Xrays showed that the discs had thinned and the spine had fused; this fusion had given way between two of the lumbar vertebrae, with the upper part of the spine sliding forward and pinching the nerves. The doctor prescribed vicodin and referred me to the Santa Cruz Medical Clinic’s Physical Therapy department. I had two appointments. After the second visit, which included traction, i could barely stand up, couldn’t raise my arms high enough to put on earrings, and this pain lasted four days. I had to buy a cain to get around. They wanted to schedule two visits per week. I didn’t go back for a third treatment because they seemed to be making things worse.

A neighbor referred me to Dr Koplen. I’d been skeptical about chiropractic care, but ‘tradiitonal’ PT hadn’t worked and I was desperate. Given the amount of degeneration in my spine, Dr Koplen wasn’t sure how much help he could give me, but we started with three visits per week. Progress was so good after a month that we were able to decrease that to twice a week. After three months we switched to once a week. In May 2005 I found I could walk short distances without my cane. I’m now scheduling adjustments every 3-4 weeks, I no longer take vicodin, am managing with aspirin and ibuprofen, and don’t need my cane. I have absolutely know doubt that if I’d continued treatment at the SC Medical CLinic instead of coming to Dr. Koplen, I’d be in a wheelchair today

—Sandra N.

I had migraines weekly or monthly since the age of four or five and nothing ever helped. My partner at the time had good luck with chiropractic with Michael … I told him of my condition and he thought he might be able to help. My parents never tried chiropractic so I really had no idea what it was or how it worked. I IMMEDIATELY noticed results once trying chiropractic. Within a few months I only needed monthly care, Now, thirteen years later, I only need ‘tune ups’ here and there. My migraines were mostly neck related and staying in adjustment prevented these…All my friends and family know about my chiropractic experiences and know that Michael Koplen was a key factor to my health. Conventional doctors could never help me and only prescribed drugs or advil. I feel fortunate to have found a solution that is drug free and lasting. I HIGHLY recommend Michael to those I run into who also suffer from migraines.
—Linda F.

I originally had headaches. I tried spinal decompression but it made my headaches worse. I received results from chiropractic care from Dr. Koplen. I also have better body movement and a better attitude.
—J. Cohen

I had really bad body aches and headaches. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong. A friend suggested Dr. Koplen. I gave it a try and found out I had three pinched nerves. After my first visit I felt such relief that I continued to come back. The tension in my body began to disappear and my headaches went away. He’s gentle and I trust him completely.
—A. Murphy

I had an automobile injury due to an accident and sought help in about a week. My back was in so much pain it was hard to breathe. My neck was whiplashed and my lower back hurt into my thigh. After my first chiropractic adjustment, some of the intense pain went away immediately. I continued regular chiropractic care as well as massage therapy and exercises for several months to get the area to fully correct and stabilize. Since then, for the past ten years, I have had chiropractic adjustments every month from Dr. Koplen to keep my spine mobile and to help keep it from destabilizing. I thinks it’s also making me younger! People in pain and who have limited mobility feel much older than they are – it’s so unnecessary – if only they would get their spines and nerves freed up they wouldn’t have to suffer like they do!
—Alyson Vanderbeck

I suffered for many years. The immediate results I received from chiropractic were outstanding. I am a believer in this kind of treatment from now on!
—Willie K.

I sought chiropractic care primarily for lower back and neck pain. Pain killers have given temporary relief at times, but I want the longer lasting solution chiropractic provides. Yoga has been wonderful for my health but has not proven to be a substitute for chiropractic. The same can be said about regular exercise and a wholesome diet. These have been essential for my health but cannot substitute for a visit to my chiropractor! I feel extremely fortunate to know about the benefits of chiropractic for long term health maintenance. Back and neck pain might be terrifying if I didn’t know I could go to someone with the skills and knowledge of my chiropractor. I consider chiropractic to be a vital part of maintaining my health along with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Having lived in several places, I have seen several chiropractors in my life and I have been most happy with Dr Koplen. I have been especially appreciative of his neck adjustments which are extraordinary in restoring full range of motion and relieving tightness and pain. Thank you so much Dr Koplen!


I had worn a back brace and also had pressure and pain in my legs. I tried a lot of different things, ice, heat and back braces. After I got the xrays and was able to see what the real problem was and started to get adjusted by Dr Koplen my pressure and pain went away almost instantly and the use of the back brace is not needed.”

I had chronic neck and back pain for more than ten years. I’ve gone to chiropractors before, but had no relief from the treatments. I’ve also tried deep massage and yoga therapy. Massage feels good but the relief is temporary. Yoga therapy is an extremely slow process and is something I continue to practice. The adjustments Michael made on my neck have been some of the most exhilarating, delicious body/mind experiences I’ve ever experienced. The relief is tremendous, and muscles long in spasm are softening.
—Christine S.

Back pain, neck and shoulder pain led me to seek chiropractic care. I came in with great pain and left released. Each time I go in I am so much better when I leave. Doctor Koplen knows just where to touch and treat, to make the pain disappear like magic. I have no skepticism of any kind. I am a FIRM believer and I’m so glad chiropractic came into my life.
—Joy Rosellini

I had lower back pain and weakness in my legs for many years and it was getting worse. My M.D. sent me to a sports injury clinic for stretching and weight bearing exercises. It was very painful and made things worse. I am 73 years old. My daughter, who has been a very happy patient of Dr Koplen’s for over ten years, recommended him. I have received 50% relief so far, relaxing back muscles and relieving many pinched nerves. I’m on my feet and not facing the use of w walker. I have great faith in my chiropractic care with Dr. Koplen.
—Ruth Grachek

I suffered with pain for years. I had no results from treatments tried prior to chiropractic with Michael. Now that I’ve received chiropractic care and continue to get adjusted regularly, I have less pain, more movement and sleep better!
—Mark Jones

At the age of 14 I was suffering from scoliosis. My Mother was more into alternative care and brought me to a chiropractor. I went for two years. My Xray went from an S pattern to straight. I have been on maintenance care ever since. Now I come in twice a month or when I know my back is out. I can feel the difference. Now I feel wonderful. I function in activities such as biking, hiking, gardening and dancing, thanks to Dr Koplen.
—Barbara Marasco

In 1995 I sought Michael for a stiff neck due to working at my desk and cradling my phone with my shoulder and jaw and he helped me. After that I went for monthly ‘tune up’ adjustments.

In 1998 I fell and fractured my sacrum. Ouch! Michael got me through that and has continued to give me adjustments to ease the pain that resulted from the injury. If I had not had regular chiropractic care over the years since my accident I am convinced I would not be able to walk and would be on pain medication. One of the pain medications prescribed is also used for seizures. Can you imagine what a toll that would have taken on my body over the years had I not refused to take it? I opted for chiropractic care vs. drugs and am so thankful that I did.

Michael may or may not realize the huge, important role he [chiropractic] has played in my life. Thank you Michael … from the bottom of my heart.

—Billie Post

I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was so painful I could not turn my head. I was lucky and only suffered with the condition for about a week before my boss insisted that I see Dr. Koplen. I was worried … I experienced relief IMMEDIATELY! Dr. Koplen recommended that I have two follow up appointments within the next week to completely resolve the issue – which it did – and I’ve been going back for periodic adjustments (about six weeks between) whenever I feel the demands and stress of life pulling my spine out of alignment. I never get pinched nerves anymore!

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Koplen’s since 1997 and feel that my pinched nerve was a blessing in disguise; I don’t know that i would otherwise have been introduced to the benefits of Koplen’s healing hands. I am so very, very grateful to Dr Koplen for not only relieving my pain, but for educating me on the reality of chiropractic care. This is a person who genuinely cares about helping others.

—Julia Swain

I am a senior person and have received chiropractic care for as long as I can remember. I realized early on that having a freely functioning spine and nervous system is VITAL to having good health. People need to hear and trust in this basic fact about having good health. Only by receiving regular chiropractic care am I able to be fully active and pain free. Of course diet and exercise are also key components to good health, but without quality chiropractic, you cannot even be close to being as healthy as you can and should be. Not only is this care necessary for the physical aspects of my bodily function and movement but I am also very aware of the releasing effect it has on my emotional, psychological and spiritual well being. Thank you Dr. Koplen!
—Norma Cordova

I had constant back pain all the time. Nothing I tried helped. The chiropractic care has relieved pain from my back; it relieves it all the time.
—Joe Marasco

I was in pain all the time – day and night for eight to nine months. I went to three M.D.’s. Each one gave me pills and said it would go away – it didn’t. Dr. Koplen told me I had a pinched nerve. Through ten treatments I had no pain whatsoever. I can bend, sit and walk again without pain.
—Bob D.

I’d been suffering for quite a while with neck and back pain. I’d heard horror stories but don’t know if they were true. However, when you have a dedicated, caring professional, and do all you can yourself, dramatic change is possible. There is an incredible general sense of well being after you have been in pain for a while, but then get relief. Your mental and physical health improves. You could feel years younger, as I do.
—Fred W.

I had pain for many years before trying chiropractic. My only skepticism was not knowing if it would work. I tried it and felt radically better. Regular adjustments are a necessity of growing old with a better posture and structure. Many many thanks for all the pain relief!
—Monica Bowman